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Thank you for stopping by our web site, and welcome to our world of opera.

The New England Opera Club was formed thirty years ago by a small group of opera lovers who wanted to learn more about opera and enjoy the fellowship of kindred spirits.

The club has grown from this handful to over 200 members from all over New England. Each year at a gala event we honor an individual who has made a major contribution to the New England opera scene. There is a special web page that fully describes this event.

Mr. John M. Tischio, the president of the New England Opera Club, is an opera lecturer, teacher, and a director of cultural travel tours.

Here you will find the most complete information on the Boston area opera scene.


We meet each month at various locations in the Boston area, and we invite guest speakers to enlighten us on some aspect of opera. One month the topic could be OPERA IN ENGLISH, another meeting might feature GREAT VERDI CHORUSES. For the times and dates of the monthly meetings, always on an exciting subject of interest to all opera lovers, contact The New England Opera Club at


We publish a bulletin each month which not only announces the time, date, and location of our next meeting but also includes a very complete list of operas to be performed in the area, on TV and on the radio. It frequently features opera quizzes, reviews, cartoons and articles. All members receive this timely information by mail each month.


Each year the New England Opera Club honors a person who has made a significant contribution to the local opera scene. The presentation ceremony is held at a gala event where members and invited guests acknowledge the achievements of the honoree. For full information on the most recent award recipient please visit the Peri web site page.


Have you ever searched for a ticket for a "sold-out" opera performance? Or, perhaps, have you ever had an extra ticket you would like to sell? To buy or sell, try our bulletin board. Just send the full information to the NEOC web site, and be sure to include your e-mail. Of course there are no guarantees; but this might solve your opera ticket problem.


The club frequently supplements the regular monthly meetings with special events and excursions. In the recent past they have included visits to museum exhibits, gourmet dinners, trips to opera performances, and other programs of special interest to the opera lover.

Contact The New England Opera Club at

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